Changes. Work advice?

Your so right; don’t let the b*****ds get you down.



Your organisation will hopefully have someone who is responsible for dealing with issues like yours.

He/she is the person to discuss things and to tell what adjustments you need and have RIGHT to. List these adjustments in order of priority for you.

BUT before you do anything you need to familiarise yourself with the legal position re the rights of someone with m.s. which is covered in the DDAct.

You make it very clear to them that you have rights and your employer can’t just dismiss your concerns.

At the first sign of things not going your way or not being done properly see an employment solicitor and get him/her to write your employer a letter.

It’ll cost you but will bring them to their senses.

(In a similar situation some years ago - found my union to be useless but after getting a solicitors letter things improved!)

Good evening

Your work has a duty of care to you, they are required to make reasonable adjustments which benefit you & your work.

I was a prison officer for 18yrs and ended up taking medical retirement because I could no longer do my job. I, like you have a mortgage & bills to pay.

I was diagnosed 3yrs ago with RRMS and as much as I tried (with the reasonable adjustments) I could no longer manage my work and my symptoms.

Now I have retired, I get my pension, claim ESA and can work P/T and still pay my bills. If I could of carried on with my job I would of, I enjoyed it (in a funny sort of way).

Dont let mangement` force you into doing what is not possible for you. If you are in a union, seek advice and get them to fight your corner, failing that ring ACAS for advice, they have helped me in the past, maybe they can help & advise you.