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I am a 43 year old man with no past health problems I went to see a neurologist last week with what I thought was a bad neck (stupidly) And came out with probable ms. My worst problem is my inflammed thorasic spine which Stops me doing sport or playing with my kids. Do these sort of things heal in time? Between flair ups? Neurologist just shrugged and said eat fruit and veg. All very new to me. Gareth

Hello Gareth

Have you had, or been referred for, neurological tests: MRI, lumbar puncture,evoked potentials, anything else?

It seems bizarre to me that a neurologist should just suggest eating fruit & veg.

How likely did the neurologist suggest your ‘probable MS’ was? In general, people see a neurologist, have a raft of tests, then get a diagnosis. Sometimes it can take a while to get to the actual diagnosis, but it’s unusual to see a neuro and come away with nothing more than a ‘probable’ diagnosis.


hi gareth

you should be getting treatment for inflammation of your thoracic spine.

maybe steroids?

the diagnosis that your neuro gave you as probable ms needs following up.

as diagnoses go that’s a crap one!

you need to fight your own corner and insist on a confirmed diagnosis.

then make sure that you are offered an ms nurse and a choice of DMD.

at 43 you have a good 40 - 50 years more life left.

carole x

Thanks for replying. I have had an mri of thorasic spine neck and head the neck mri showed a sliped Disk which the gp thought had caused the inflammation in my thorasic spine. The neurologist Asked for an mri head to exclude a tumor or stroke but the was a tiny spot of inflammation in My head. Bloods are negative. Waiting a lumber puncture now. Do you think steroid injections are still the way forward? Lots of waiting my family life is Suffering. What do you think? Gareth

I think you should probably take advice from the neurologist or MS nurse (I know, you probably don’t have one of those - try your GP?) with regard to steroids. If it’s a slipped disc that’s caused the problem with your thoracic spine, then maybe steroids would help with the inflammation, but not the slipped disc.

A tiny spot of inflammation in your brain could be caused by MS or more probably a clinically isolated syndrome (CIS). This is like a one off occurrence of something like MS, but it could just get better over time and never be repeated. Have a look at for more information on CIS.

It sounds like the slipped disc / thoracic inflammation are causing you more immediate problems. Perhaps you should see your GP for advice on how to deal with this. See Slipped disc - NHS

Hopefully, your lumbar puncture will be negative for Oligoclonal bands in the CSF (which makes MS not impossible, just less likely) and here’s yet another helpful link:

And also hopefully, you’ll sort out the slipped disc and associated inflammation and be back playing with your family in no time.


Thanks Sue very useful, don’t want to get to optomistic as will feel worse later on if it is ms. Sound like I just have to wait for all the info and hope for the best. Thanks again appreciate it. Gareth