Change in voice

My voice sounds like im losing it, irs been happening for weeks now hoping it would improve but it hasnt. Is there any chance l could totally lose it. I had mri brain and neck yesterday so may give me diagnosis.

see your gp.

there is probably something normal that just needs normal treatment.

when the results of your mri are in, you’ll be offered an ms nurse if you have ms.

they are the ones we turn to with our issues.

bear in mind though that the service is stretched and they may not get back to you for a while.

Hello Kingsnorth

I have a vague memory that you’d said a while back that you suffer from anxiety (unless that wasn’t you, in which case I apologise). I also think you’ve already had one MRI and been told it’s not MS that’s causing your symptoms.

I know you’re not going to stop fretting until you get the results from your most recent MRIs, but that’s only a few more days isn’t it?

If you do get the news that you do in fact have MS, then you’ll be able to ask the neurologist about your voice, and perhaps get a referral to a speech and language specialist.

If however, you are told then that your MRIs are negative and you don’t have MS, then maybe you can ask your GP if you could be referred to an ENT or a speech and language specialist for help with your voice.

I do hope you get the results very soon and you’ll be able to stop worrying one way or another. I’m sure at this point it would almost be a relief to be told it is MS.