CFS or FB?

Just joined and need advice. I have Chronic Fatigue syndrome (and am bipolar but that maybe irrelevant here) and my symptoms have worsened over the past few months.
I decided to do some research today and started with Fibromyalgia as the symptoms are similar then someone mentioned MS, spent a lot of time on the net including MS society and many others and found I have all the symptoms as well as trembling and jerking but they are much reduced since taking Parkinsons meds.
I saw a Neurologist in November for the suspected Parkinsons but he said I don’t have it.
He didn’t mention anything to do with MS but the brain scans were in August I don’t know if that’s relevant. I live alone and have nobody to talk to except my sister who is on holiday and don’t want to bother her until I have something more positive.
I can’t talk to my doctor again until at least Monday so I’m sitting here completely freaked out.
Would appreciate some advice

The title should have been CFS or MS