Cannot Cope - Too tired too cope

Nearly 3 years on I am so tired.  Neuro says diificult to diagnose because have hardening of arteries in brain been having mini strokes (i had no idea) the other said arthrytis in spine and neck so to diagnose MS is difficult.  I also have mortons neuroma when that is operated on I might feel better but right now I have given up.  .I do not know what to do I actually do not think I have MS now which actually saddens me because I have met many friends Paula and Rizzo (karen) never lets me down.

Just feel I have had it now I used to be the embarassment to my family first todance etc., now this useless woman who can only find solace in a bottle of wine.

You have all really helped and I thank you al.



Going to answer on your other post Jan.

(((((HUGS))))) in the meantime!


Hang on in there jan…I`ll hang with, that came out wrong.hope you know what I mean!

luv POllx