Can Stress Affect MS Symptoms? -

I agree stress can affect symptoms. I am not yet diagnosed but find that if I get anxious or upset, my current symptoms worsen :frowning: x

Yes it affects me big time, I’ve really learned to relax and not stress or worry about anything people say I’m way to easy going but I wasn’t always like this for me its just not worth it when I got really stressed it seemed to bring on a relapse. But now if I feel myself getting stressed I just walk away from it or who or whatever is causing it just being on my own or going to the gym really helps me unwind if I dont I can feel my symptoms coming back so I try to stop it before they get any worse Mark

Hi, In the school holidays, my 2 boys went to stay with their grandparents for a week. During that time, my hubby was also away for 3 days. I had 3 days of doing my own thing, pottering at my own speed etc and my walking noticably improved and was faster. When everyone was back and I returned to the “Don’t kick footballs in the house!” routine, things went downhill again. So yes, I firmly believe that stress has a big impact on MS. Heather

marcus1 wrote:

The YES, STRESS CAN AFFECT Mtopic is ‘locked’ making it unable to be ‘replied to’. I am not a ‘neuro’, I’ve had MS for over 12 years - I say YES, STRESS CAN AFFECT MS! (My opinion). Marcus.

When Im stressed I shake, my mobility is all over the place and I slurr my words. People think Ive lost the plot and it can last for days/weeks. It also brings on the fatigue too. Before I went down with ON I was undertaking exams and felt very stressed out, especially when I discovered I was blind in my left eye! Best wishes bren x