Bubbles for every occasion

Hello good people.

(I have also posted this in PPMS.)

I know some of us can spend a lot of time indoors, sometimes on our own. But that needn’t put us in the realms of the bubble people. As usual, I am trying to make sense of life from the position of the chronically affected.

Here’s some more food for thought should you wish to read it.


hi steve the link you provided takes me to a log in page for people who want to write a wordpress blog. i just want to read your blog because i’ve missed them. then again it could just be my ms brain getting worse. cheers.

Here you go Carol. Link taken from the PPMS forum. Problems there too…


Wonderful reading, made me think “can I break out of my enforced bubble more often?” … Yes I can and will!

Thank you


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thanks poppy, i can get on with my day now having read Steve’s blog!