Britain's Biggest Restaurant (not MS)

Well, today I went to Za Za Bazaar, on Bristol’s harbourside. 1000-seater restaurant, reputedly Britain’s largest.

As I have today and the next few Mondays off work, I just wanted to do something different, and see what it was like.

It’s like a great big covered market, and it’s supposed to represent street cuisine from around the world. There’s a fixed cover price (not including drinks) and you can wander round all the stalls, and fill your plate as many times as you like, all for the set price (£6.99, on a lunchtime).

Obviously, with it being buffet style, and a lot of walking around, in some ways it’s not that MS friendly. On the other hand, because you can go back as many times as you like, you’re not having to balance teetering trays. You only ever have to carry one plate at once, because the drinks are brought to you at table in the normal way, so you can put as much or as little on your plate as you want, and mix and match anyway you want (so you could have pasta, chips, and curry, if you really wanted).

Although it certainly wouldn’t be my choice for a romantic night out, I thought it was quite fun. The staff seemed smiley and friendly.

A wheelie person went in just ahead of me - they rushed to open the double doors for him, and although it’s all upstairs, there is a lift, so he could get up there alright.

I noticed he did have a friend/carer with him. I probably wouldn’t recommend it without, because although the aisles are quite wide, I think the whole concept of having to go round all the stalls and pick what you want, instead of being waited on, is a little bit impractical for anyone with limited mobility. Would it matter if you’re not able to go round and choose for yourself? Probably not, because there’s such a huge selection anyway, the friend/carer could just go round and pick up plate-loads of everything - you’re not paying any extra - so if you don’t like some of it, there’s nothing lost.

I can’t remember everything I had - I know a lot of it was covered in batter, and very, very bad for me. :wink: They also had loads of little bite-sized cakes. Again, as many as you want. You’re only limited by time. They chuck you out after 2 hours, but I’d reached capacity well before that.

I can recommend the “Twisted French Martini” cocktails, which are more expensive than the meal, but taste of raspberry, pineapply, vanilla, and something else (oh yes, booze, of course). Virtually no spasticity after a couple of those (but I did have trouble using the debit card machine…)



Hi Anitra.

That sounds like a pretty good way to spend on your day of,if i am ever in Bristol i will give it a try.

But can they pour a good pint of Guinnes,that would be the icing on the cake.



They did do various beers, Chris. It’s not really my thing, so I’m not sure whether Guinness was among them. I wouldn’t be at all surprised, though. Think you could get Indian, Thai, or continental beers as well.

Oh, the cakes already had lots of icing… :wink:


That sounds rather good. I’m in Swindon so go to Bristol every now and again,will have to give it a try. Is it easy to find? I know where the SS Great Britain is and Cabot Circus.



That sounds rather good. I’m in Swindon so go to Bristol every now and again,will have to give it a try. Is it easy to find? I know where the SS Great Britain is and Cabot Circus.


[/quote] Hi Cathy, do you know the Hippodrome and/or the Watershed? Basically walk down along the waterside past the Watershed and keep going - it’s only a little bit further. I didn’t have trouble finding it, and I was born without a geography gene, so I think it’s pretty straightfoward. T. x

Hi Again.

Now i am just plan jeolous.[is that how you spell it]

When are you starting you diet


Hi Tina

Sounds a great place, but can you imagine being the “washer-up” !

One day I am going to have a trip down to Bristol, cos the harbourside looks fantastic when I have seen in on tv.

Take care


Hi Tina, that sounds like fun, what a great way to spend your day off. I like the sound of all those little cakes, especially wen you say they had icing on, wonder if any of them were chocolate, bet they were, now I am jealous! Cheryl:)

We’ve been thinking of going there too. But haven’t got there yet :slight_smile:

I hope this restaurant does better than the ‘other’ one an the harbourside - Hooters
Yep, it’s the one where ladies hooters are the big attraction. The food was rubbish from what I’ve heard :wink:

I have eaten at one of the restaurants on that site. It did a pizza and beer deal on a Friday lunchtime. We stopped going when they kept us waiting for ages then presented us with pizza with no cheese. They’d run out! It was good when the did have cheese, though.

I see they are opening another one in Norwich in the spring.

I have not been out for anything to eat for a couple of years, due to being in a wheelchair and limited use of my right hand.

I would’nt mind going somewhere like that, pick and choose things I could eat easily

Norwich is nearer but still a bit too far to go for lunch