Botox Injections

How do i start them ???

Hi, do you mean inject them or find out how to get them?

Cant tell you about the former but as regards the latter, you need a neuro to advise them first.

Wherabouts do you want them?

I`ve had them in my legs, for foot pain and they did zilch to help.

luv Pollx

I will speak to neaurologist as need them for right leg.

Thank you, /Pollx.

Hi, I have Botox injections in calf muscles of both legs due to severe spasticity. It is redone every 12 weeks. My neuro referred me for treatment as my spasticity is not controlled by Baclofen (80 mg) and Tizanidine (18 mg) daily. I also have my adductor muscles done. They won’t do my quads as they say that I need the spasticity in them to stand and walk (although I can only walk a few metres). Amily x

Thanks Amily .

Hi, my Neuro rehab doctor mentioned this to me, do you have rehab at all? If not, might be worth asking MS nurse for a referral.

Sonia x