Blisters on my stomach?

Hi Guys can anyone help or advise please, I had a Suprapubic catheter in October, my husband bless him changes the dressings for me, but I started getting blisters around my stomach, not on the catheter area, we thought it might be the self adhesive dressings so we stopped using them, and replaced with Melolin pads and surgical tape, but still getting blisters which then bust and bleed. Tried Silver antiseptic spray but no good, so leaving alone and dry but still blisters appear Any thoughts? Or has anyone had this happen? If not will call out District Nurse. Thanks Deborah

Hi Deborah, if i were you i would call the district nurse,blisters are very prone to infection,as you will know,so best to be on the safe side.

J x

Deborah I’d get the nurse to have a look too. I got blisters all around my wound after having my neck surgery and my wound even started to open as I got an allergy to all of the dressings and ended up just leaving it uncovered, after which it healed. Not everyone with sp catheters need dressings on the site, but it may be something simple like a fungal infection, in which case they might have treatment for it. Everyone’s different.

I hope you get it sorted, please let us know how you get on.

Cath x

Thanks J & Cath

ive got the Nurse coming out tomorrow to give me a blood test, as well as take another look again at the blisters.I will let you know what the outcome is. Thanks again Deborah

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The district nurses can take a swab test and get it tested. Check that your catheter is not a latex one. As many of us are intolerant to latex. But l am a firm believer on keeping the area uncovered - and get the air to it as much as possible.

Hi Spacejacket hadn’t thought about that, my doctors practice did send a blood nurse(haematologist)round last week, the test was for my blood count and to make sure I didn’t have a bug, that was all fine, I have just call the doctors again and they will send the blood nurse round to take a further blood test to check for latex allergy. I will also keep the area uncovered as you suggested, worth a try. Thanks for that. Deborah

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Hi, I also have an spc. I do keep a dressing on it, fastened with surgical tape. It can get itchy around the tape…but my carer checks it everyday and keeps it clean for me.

If it isnt dressed it can smell more than usual. I use a special soap, which I get on a script.

But blisters on your tum…not shingles? But it can`t be as a nurse is testing it.