Biotin measure


Sorry for this but have been reading posts on Facebook and am getting confused by all the measurements.

Is 100mg =to 0.1 or 0.01g on the scales.

Must apologise but I’m thick.

PS I have tne 100% pure biotin.



100mg is 0.10 on your scale Ronin. Are you trying the rice-paper trick - l put a small square on the scale then switch it on and place the biotin powder on it - then just fold it up into a little parcel. Placed in the mouth it just dissolves. You can make up as many as you want in one go.


Tried dissolving it in water but it didn’t dissolve properly, so now use a bunk paper case to weigh in and put on my tongue.

The rice paper trick sounds great, I will be trying that.



Ronin, Just read a post - on the facebook group - a chap saying his wife had just started taking biotin for her MS - and - she only needed to get to the loo once in the night instead of 8 times. What an improvement. l can imagine the joy for both of them.

Rice paper is in the Bakery Section of Tesco’s and other supermarkets. OR - you can get it from amazon’s bakery section very quickly and cheap.

Thanks spacejacket.

Ordered some from ebay only a couple of quid.

I am hoping for some improvement in spasms, they are getting quit bad, not painful but rather inconvenient.