beta interferon boosts ability to absorb vitamin D from sunlight

Hi everyone

I 've posted below a message that I received from the MS Society on face book which I think you’ll agree is pretty interesting.

MARK COLVIN: Scientists at the Menzies Research Institute in Hobart have made an important discovery about one of the most common drug used to treat MS.

They’ve found that the drug - interferon-beta- appears to boost people’s ability to absorb vitamin D from sunlight.

It is often stated that scientists don’t know how these DMDs work, perhaps this gives some insight into it.


Hi Wendy,

How strange - so the amount of vitamin D I have added (5 000iu) to my diet is increased because I also have beta interferon. I also do as much sun bathing as possible too. If only all of these possible threads would add up.

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Yes Moira, hope you are feeling good for all that vitamin D, I didn’t take enough vitamin D last winter and haven’t felt as good as I did last year. Definitely will be taking it this winter.