benefit phonecall ? ...

evening all! …i got my dreaded letter today saying im starting the reassement for esa …but why am i getting a phonecall to verify my identiy?..i could be anyone on the other end of the phone…doesnt quite make sense to me and im already panicing……any advice greatly appreciated .

sue xxxx


I think this is a normal thing for them to do, as the same happened to me. I agree it does feel odd to have someone phone you from or on behalf of the DWP or Atos?

I know what you mean when you say “dreaded Letter” so don’t procrastinate with it, like I did, it’s hard enough to complete as it is, and it just gets harder and more stressful the longer you put it off. I’m sure you know there is a deadline by which time you must return the application which soon arrives. So that you have the best possible chance to complete the form correctly, Google: advice guidance completing ESA 50 There will be lots of results, use the advice that applies to you, the form is lengthy and it takes a good while to get right, if you find that you are struggling at any time, then you must get help with it.

All the best to you.

Bill. x

got same fonecall,awaiting form,then medical,then the miracal,ill be cured and fit for work :slight_smile:

I got the call too follwed by the dreaded complicated questionare may I suggest you visit a website where you will find lots of information & help filling in that blumming awful form. Some information s limited if you don’t become a member, memberships just under £20 for the year.(but deffinatley worth it) Wish I’d known about it prior to filling the form out, might not have been placed in the WRAG had I known how these weasels work!! Work related activity group my eye can only just manage to function on a day to day basis with this terrible disease. Good luck xx

I got the same letter today im shaking in my shoes at the thought of this.

We have enough stress to put up with without this, its terrible isnt it .


I got the same letter today im shaking in my shoes at the thought of this.

We have enough stress to put up with without this, its terrible isnt it .


Barbara, Look at that link they are nothing to do with DWP totally for people like us x

i had to do the same. they rang me and did a mini interview,and then filling in the form sent out ect…

they (atos) “lost” my form,so had to do it all again, aghhhhhhhh!

they put me in the work support group,i went to the jobcenter fo the 1st interview as told i had to.

i then appealed,and i was put in the group next down,but WILL be reviewed yearly

they think im going to get better!!

they must know something we arnt savvy to,lol

dreading the PIP thing, atos are in charge of that.

had a hard time getting DLA in the 1st place,took 2and a half years to prove i was unwell to them(cos they cant see it outwardly,and as i was quite young,i wasnt belived)

the ESA thing was a big farce,left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing,no one communicated,so its much more difficult to get thro

Hi, I got a support worker to phone DWP on my behalf to have it added to my ‘notes’ that due to my medical condition I found communicating on the phone extremely difficult and stressful. I am sure this was when I was changing to ESA and seemed to be getting a lot of phone calls and brown envelopes around this time. It upset me to the point that I no longer use a landline and am very careful who I give my mobile number to - also my mobile is permanently on silent as I find unexpected noise stressful.

I truly doen’t think it is appreciated how stressful the applying for and being assessed for benefits is…