Benefit cheques

I am in receipt of three benefits from the government. They have always been sent by “Girocheque” but every year I get a letter saying I must have the money paid into a bank account. As I am virtually housebound, my carer collects the money for me each week when she does my shopping. Every year so far I have managed to claim exemption from the “bank account” rule as it is almost impossible for me to access a bank. I do not drive and I cannot see well enough to use cash machines. I have now received the “bank account” letter again, saying that I can no longer be paid by cheque. Does anyone know if they are actually stopping issuing cheques altogether, or do I try to claim exemption again. I really need cash in the house at all times, but how to get at it if my carer can no longer cash cheques? There must be thousands of people who are unable to use banks. Thanks for any advice.

do you have a PC if so you can do online banking, however if you don’t they should have an exception to the rule contact your local councillor or MP

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Hi, there are forms at your bank which you and another named person (carer, family etc…) can complete and sign which would enable that named person to withdraw money on your behalf. When my gran was told her pension would have to be paid into a bank account I opened a seperate account for her - just for her pension to be paid into - and I was the other named signatory. I simply go to the bank once a week withdraw the money paid in and give it to her - just the same as when I used to cash her cheques for her.

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Hi, I can see how this is causing you grief. I use telephone banking and shop on line.

Would that help you?

But yes, what tay has advised is right. My parents did it.

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Check with the post office about bank accounts. I remember seeing that you can withdraw money from some bank accounts at some post offices. I saw a notice about it in our small local post office, but can’t remember which banks were mentioned on the notice. I think you can pay in to one bank, but I’m not sure about that.

It’s worth checking as if you can get to the post office to cash your giro (brings back ‘happy’ memories of signing on!) you may be able to withdraw your cash just as easily. I was thinking of changing my bank so that I could use the Post Office as they’ve closed all the near branches of my bank and the nearest is about 10 miles away around the Bristol ring road! Or in Bristol where it’s difficult to get about with limited mobility.

Was going to suggest the same, Ellen. I can certainly withdraw free-of-charge from Barclays at my local post office, and I think they offer an equivalent facility for most of the main high street banks.

My post office is only tiny; not one of the huge main ones.


I’m not housebound (yet!) I set up my bank account, linked it to my carers’ (my partner) and I send him money for big purchases on a CC as I dont have one myself, or just extra cash for him to play with ( he likes his toys and does put up with a lot of carp from me, so he does deserve every penny!!) I pay bills through it as well, you will have to get to a bank yourself in order to open and account but once its open its done and dusted. I can honestly tell you it is a lot easier getting your money by bank,again if your trust your carer without a shadow of a doubt then allowing them to use your card and withdraw from your account will save you and them a lot of heartache-you will be able to keep an eye on acount activity online- dont share the online part, keep that to yourself :slight_smile:


*ps- isnt the turds ( Government) stopping the use of PO accounts with regards to paying /using them for benefits? I read it someplace one of the ‘news’ papers? I did read it now and I dont know whether it was just speculation or fact. Check it out though yeah?

I’m pretty sure that’s what the initial post was about - hence the problem.

However, the “post office” suggestion was about accessing a normal bank account (e.g. Barclays, Lloyds etc.) via the post office, which is not the same thing as a PO account. It just means you can withdraw money from a post office counter, as an alternative to going all the way to the bank.

hmm-if you say so :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that she was receiving her payments via paper giro that she manually cashed in the PO and was concerned that she needed to have an account to do so?