For your information, Brooklyn Beckham is moving in with his girlfriend, some heiress from some money dynastie with a german sounding surname…(Pfallz etc?)… What a shame that he has the looks of his mum, the same stare! (you know, that singer without a voice :), who told the nation that she used to be taken to school in a Rolls Royce…).

BTW(1…), I have always liked David, normal as he can be, but he is ‘paying’ (…) a high prize for not being the cleverest in the class room by dating ‘her’ at the time… Would he not have been brilliant with Baby Spice! (sorry for interfering in someone’s well paid ‘private’ life…, I suppose I am a little bit jealous…, only money wise that is!).

BTW (2…), did you know that ‘Brooklyn’ means ‘Breukelen’, as it is named after a little town in The Netherlands by that name, when ‘New York’ was still ‘New Amsterdam’, and ‘occupied’ by the dutch…(wasn’t that a deal with the English?). I am dutch myself but me and my forefathers are not to blame btw, poor -and not rich!- farmers they were!

So from now on you could call him ‘Breukelen Beckham’, son of ‘Queen’ Victoria!.. (joking!..she wish!).

I know I know, I am just trying to take your mind off! I have already, after eight to nine years, been blocked on the dutch MS website (MSweb), as I placed a link to the growth of the world population ‘www.worldometers.info/world-population/’, purely (honestly!) for information (and BEFORE the present (removed by moderator)had really kicked off!). The two moderators then decided to block me, as if I was a (57yr old) naughty schoolboy, as it was not suitable under the circumstances, according to them, as it might upset people… Next thing I did was sending a ‘protest email’, ‘more or less’ asking them what went wrong in ‘liberal’ Holland since I left the country in 1995! (… a joke?)… Maybe the fact that I called them ‘een theekransje’ (no translation ‘thinkable’ at the moment…) did not go down very well either…

Still, before the blockade, a very nice ‘fellow MSer’ defended me by saying that I did not mean anything bad with one and another, bless her! (I think it was a ‘her’…). Anyway, 112 year old Gladys and her 92 year old ‘toy boy’ are still around after two world wars (and all the other ‘minor’ (removed by moderator)) and were still smiling!

Right, it’s time to give my lovely daughter a call…, I not only applauded the NHS workers last week, but also the carers looking after disabled people!! (where’s the ‘clapping one’?.. anyway, CLAPPER-THE-CLAPPER-THE-CLAPCLAPCLAP, CLAPPER-THE-CLAPPER-THE-CLAPCLAPCLAP, CLAPPER-THE-CLAP, CLAPPER-THE-CLAP, CLAPPER-THE-CLAPCLAP-CLAAAAAAAPP… I wish I could play the piano and read music like my wife…, I think it’s time for my medication btw… You all take care, remember you’re not on your own! NOW SEND! Mr BlaBlaBla… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

not sure how to reply…except to say it doesnt bother me that David married Posh Spice.

She often looks miserable but that`s her way I guess.

Bouds x

They still speak Dutch in Lanaster, Pensylvania and Saratoga…or, a version of, Amish Dutch, that is what they call it themselves.

BBC 1.30pm. Did you see Canine Partners? Dogs trained to help disabled folk. Mainly Msers?

Certainly more important than the Beckhams at Beckenham palace!

BTW 1 David Beckham must be he most overrated player in history, although very good at marketing. Cryuff he was not.

BTW 2 New Amsterdam was part of settlement deal involving a tiny Spice Island, but the Brits pinched some nutmeg trees first and replanted in Ceylon. Nathaniel’s Nutmeg is the book that tells the tale.


Nice clapping.