Balance Moves

My balance seems to be deteriorating of late especially at night. Intentional small movements to left or right now sometimes throw me off balance momentarily and I’ve noticed little recovery steps creeping in, for example: a step back to counteract swaying backwards and an odd little side step made by passing my swing leg behind my support leg to counteract swaying to that side.Dont seem to lose forward balance control though. Anybody recognise this?

By balance comes and goes but I seem to be getting used to it and have noticed myself doing the, “odd little side step made by passing my swing leg behind my support leg to counteract swaying to that side”. Also when standing I have stuck a leg out to conteract a sway to the opposite side.

Recognise that move Jon and also from when my weakened left leg sometimes begins to sink when supporting my weight, causing an increasing backward lean that I’m forced to counter by raising the right leg out in front John Cleese style!

Oooohh yes I know that one.

It is the reason I go to the day hospital for balance clinic. I side step usually to the left to regain balance alot. If I concentrate on walking around things it usually makes me worse,or sudden moves to a different direction will cause side stepping.I also find if I walk down a corridor I veer off to the left.

It was at this clinic that they noticed my walking backwards was absolutely fine.

During my assessments they found that my ankle strength and flexibility was very poor and are working on that before they even start on core strength.

If you can try walking on your heels forwards,backwards and side stepping. If you are like me you will be amazed at how much it hurts and how bad you are at it. The physios believe that by improving this ankle foot strength/flexibility it will help with overall balance and coming downstairs. I know the next step is balancing on balls…that should be amusing!

Do you have physio invovement?


Hi Pip, no physio, it is something that has got worse recently. Havent mentioned it to doc. I tried heel to toe walking with eyes closed out of interest the other day and just couldnt do it at all well without multiple faults, though better with eyes open. Trouble is I cant remember how I would have found doing this say over a year ago before any symptoms to compare, so unable to figure out if it shows a problem - maybe i’ve never been good at it. But then, didnt they use this before breathalysers to tell if people were too drunk to drive? I can only conclude they would assume I was dead drunk if I had to do it now with eyes closed.