Bad Day

Feeling very sorry for myself today, it feels like my neck has been clamped! I’m struggling to chew my food and swallowing is very uncomfortable. I really don’t want to make a fuss, or make my other half worry but I really felt the need for a cuddle and some sympathy today. The problem is Now I’m being referred to the neurologist I feel like I’m drawing attention to my ‘health problem’ every time I wince. Part of me wishes I’d continued to keep it to myself at least until I know/have a better idea of what the problem is. =/

hugs. Know the feeling as its the same for me. You feel like you shouldn’t wince or fall over cos you’re everyone thinks you’re overreacting All I can say is stay strong and maybe try to explain to your loved ones how you’re feeling. Difficult if they don’t want to talk about it like my girlfriend but if you don’t have them you’ve at least come to the right place here. There’s a good bunch of us here to cheer you up when you’re down or push you when you feel like giving up Chin up and hope things ease up Mick

Know the feeling my hubby knows I’m seeing a neuro and a bit about it but little else as he changes the subject so we just don’t talk about it. I have nobody to except some lovely people on her here and I too try and hide every fall wince etc or make a joke of it Take care and big hugs A

Just wishing you well I have the same my wife won’t talk about it , just says it will be fine. I feel like I’m making a fuss if I mention it. Take care

This is exactly how I feel! you have put my exact feelings into words.

Wish I could say more to help,… big hugs xxxx

Hi K, it’s a tricky one, isn’t it? If I mention one symptom, my hubby tries to suggest something it might be but that usually makes me feel like he’s not getting the whole picture (I’m awaiting my first neuro appointment too) and ends up making me feel worse. K (and everyone else who replied !!) Might sound silly but try giving yourself a hug. You need to be able to count on yourself to understand even before others, so be kind and gentle with yourself. Come here for virtual {hugs} and support whenever you need to.

Thank you all, just being able to say how I felt out loud made me feel better! =) I’ve been ignoring and brushing symptoms under the carpet for so many years and I’ve only told those closet to me about my referral, it still feels uncomfortable to have a spotlight shining on me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m afraid of sympathy, or lack of it. I am usually a very positive person and I really appreciate the sympathetic ear, and kind words, especially today! =)

Big hugs to you, Again I have a good idea how you feel. As yeti am undiagnosed but in the beginning my husband tried to hold on desperately to the idea it may be a virus, when everything came back normal, it was difficult trying to persuade him otherwise. After talking to people though, and seeing how I have deteriorated so quickly, he now accepts it. I guess like any grieving process, we all go through a period of denial, but they will getbtherenin the end, and you will get the support you need xxx

Know exactly how you feel. I’m undiagnosed too playing another day and what interesting surprise my body has in store for me. It’s ok to have a down day. If you need a good scream or cry get it all out. All those pent up feelings and worries, all the pretending everything is ok trying to act normal is exhausting. It’s hard dealing with all the symptoms yourself let alone trying to explain them to your family. Who really find it hard to see us in pain and not doing things as we used to. My husband keeps saying wait and see what the doctors say, my daughter gets upset and won’t discuss it. It great we all have this forum to let things out and learn. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve only been here a couple of days. You’ve actually helped me by posting about your symptoms. I thought I’d developed some unladylike eating habits as I’ve been choking on my food and making really unpleasant noises when I swallow! According to my family who dont believe i can make such a loud sound just eating and drinking. I’ve suddenly realise I’m possibly having to swallow harder to swallow if that makes sense. So it will have to be earplugs at meal times for my family! Thank you and take care x