Baclofen what to expect

Hello All,

I’ve just spoken to my MS nurse as my symptoms are getting worse. She said she would ask my neuro if I could go on Baclofen and am hoping that you good folks could tell me what to expect from this drug.

Many thanks.

Janet x

Hi Janet, I’m afraid I didn’t really get on with baclofen, and I have given up with it for now, I may try again in the future with it, it made me sleepy so I couldn’t take it when I was going to work. I’m not telling you this to put you off, I just wanted to wish you luck with it and say I hope it goes well for you. Btw my gp prescribed it for me so you shouldn’t even need neuro to say if you can have it or not. Cheryl:-)

Hiya… I asked my Dr for Baclofen as the stiffness was getting rediculous… Been on it for 4 days so far…

So far so good… Not felt sleepy (except after having 2 glasses of wine, but it does warn that may happen if u drink!)

Didnt feel an immediate benefit, but I am noticing now that I feel less stiff, and even though my balance is still not good, and Im still wobbly… Im not stiff as a board anymore… Im now proud to have a gliding wobble instead of a staggering wobble lol

Hi, i`ve been on baclofen for about 12 years now. It has to be introduced gradually…and most folk are told to find their own levels as regards dosage.

I began on 10mg 3 times a day. I took it for very painful spasms and spasticity in my arms and legs. I got up to 70mg before it did the trick. This was all before i needed a wheelchair.

Although it did reduce the problems, it also made me weaker and more prone to falls.

Then I was advised to take it at bedtime, to avoid the falls.

I now take 30mg at night and I still get foot spasms and the general spasticity is reduced, but still a problem when transferring.

Last year, I tried upping it again and found that was a bad idea for me. it caused wetting accidents and tongue swallowing at night.

So I stay at 30mg now.

I do still believe it is a good drug, but has to be taken with care.

luv Pollx

Hi Janet,

I took 30mg Baclofen, starting on 10mg. Found it very good although you may notice your mobility gets slower and legs feel quite weak at first until your system gets used to the dose. If you still experience spasms and stiffness, you will be asked to increase the doseage over time.

I would recommend it. Some find gabapentine good however some drugs have more side effects. Its trial and error in the first instance and if it doesnt suit then you will be recommended another drug. Try it and see whether you think its working for you.



Hello Janet

My GP prescribed baclofen at 30mg daily for spasms, my spasms havn’t really gone, just not so violent anymore. Coincidentally I have an appointment with my consutant soon to discuss alternatives as the baclofen makes me sleepy which is no good as I’m already plagued by fatigue all the time.

Good luck with it.


Baclofen and Tizanidine did not suit me - in fact they both made me so weak and feeble and l could not manage to get up on to my feet. l was so wobbly that l felt l would just fall.

l now take LDN - which has helped a lot and Sativex spray - but another thing l take is magnesium - this is so good for muscle cramps and spasms - especially at night. You could google it for more info. These ‘meds’ l am on do not cause me any side-effects. Where as Baclofen/Tizanidine need regular blood-tests to make sure your liver function is OK. l know Tizanidine can cause bleeding gums.

Forgot to say I take 10mg twice daily…

Many thanks to you all for your replies, I will sit and digest what each of you has said of your experience of it. I didn’t realise that my gp could prescibe it, I’m new to all these different drugs. I was prescibed Keppra and clonazepam by my neuro and she never mentioned any other drugs. Trouble is I am now experiencing more numbness and spasiticity and the myoclonic jerks are returning quite viiolently at times.

Thanks once again for everyones imput much appreciated.