Avonex or Tecfidera?

Hi, everyone!

This is my first post, I am new to the forum. I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS and have been given the option of all first line therapies to choose from to start treatment.

I would say my MS has been quite aggressive, with optic neuritis followed by a second attack six weeks later that left me unable to use my left arm/leg. Following steroid treatment my consultant has said he wants to start me on DMTs as soon as possible.

My problem is, I have been given “patient choice” and can choose for myself which drug I want to take. I think i’ve narrowed it down to two-

  1. Avonex- Long term studies seem to show it slows down disease progression

  2. Tecfidera- New studies seem to show it reduces relapses more than other DMTs and also slows down progression.

Does anyone have any advice? I am pretty confused!!!


Given your MS is active I’d go for the most efficient. Out of the two you mention Tecfidera is superior. Have you been offered Lemtrada? That’s a 1st line DMT and more effective still.

The MS Trust have a decision tool on there website. Its basic but a good starting point.

Thank you Humbug. I haven’t been offered Lemtrada, that is being counted by my consultant as a second line therapy.

I think I am going to go with Tecfidera, but really worried about the PML, should I be?

You will be monitored really closely so while the PML threat is a concern it should not be a significant worry.

Out of the two I’d go for Tecfidera.

Whether your consultant considers it or not Lemtrada IS a first line therapy assuming you are in the UK. It is licenced and approved as such.