anyone know what is happening about this drug yet in UK plz?

does it have any stipulations attatched to it n one has to jump through loads of hoops to get it?

Also can someone tell me in laymans terms what it actually helps with plz? I read something about it stopping new damage to our brains but cant really concentrate 2nite.

thnx in advance

God bless

Anna x

Hmmm. OK, I know the forum search doesn’t work very well, if at all, but does anybody ever look at the news and articles on this site, I wonder? There is a link to the news article about it right from the home page of everyday living. It’s here: I do recommend looking at the site news from time to time, because not only does it answer a lot of questions like this, but you can be fairly sure the information is correct. Tina x

AUBAGIO- Thanks Tina - yes l for one - rarely look at these pages - but l will now. And thanks to Anna for bringing it to our attention.

Well - it looks good for people with RRMS - impressive results. Now comes the long wait whilst NICE - look into the ‘cost effectiveness’ - never mind how much good it might do you - it all comes down to the money. For a tablet a day - it looks a better option then many of the dmd’s. Could be good news for many.

Alas, l am SPMS - and as usual all l get told is ‘You have the wrong type MS’ - or ‘You have had MS too long’ well l do agree with the latter.