Has anyone else had brain lesions but negative lumbar puncture?

I never had LP for diagnosis but do have brain lesions. Sorry I can’t help but hopefully will bump this to the top

Yes Think it happens in about 15% of MS. I have been diagnosed and have had a number of relapses and plenty of activity on MRI but negative LP. Hope this helps.

Yes Zipster. Multiple bain lesion and several lesions on my spine but negative lumbar puncture. Investigated for other causes. My neuro said there is no other explanation and I agree. Seeing a specialist neuro in december to find out hopefully what type. I’m in my fifties and just recently been diagnosed. Some research recently recently shown on the ms trust site I also subscribe to shows that there is an higher number of people in my age group who have a negative lumbar puncture at diagnosis…Lumbar puncture is not definitive in the diagnosis of MS…hope this helps you.