Anyone on fingolimod


I’m not newly diagnosed but need to switch meds as my neuro says Rebif is no longer working for me after 4 years. I’ve had 2 relapses this year affecting mobility whilst on it and I’m seriously considering fingolimod (Gilenya).

I should just point out that Rebif worked very well for me. I’ve been on it since August 2009 and in the last three years I have been remarkably well with no hint of relapses until March this year. In a way, I’m quite sad to come off it (I never thought I would say that about self-injecting lol).

Is anyone else on fingolimod (Gilenya) and what were are your experiences please? Have read up on all the literature but would be good to hear from a real person as opposed to reading statistics.

Many thanks

Tracey x

Hi Elmo!

I’m afraid I have no idea but could see your post was unanswered!!

I think if you post on the Everyday Living forum someone would have more knowledge/experience?


Hi Jen

Aww, bless you. I did that too and yes, I’ve had some answers so you can happily let me slip to the bottom of the page now!

Thanks anyway

Tracey x