Anyone know what I should do next?

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun! I’m hoping someone will be able to help me, because I really don’t know what to do next! I was told back in May that I have MS after serval lesions were found in my brain and cervical spine, and then I tested positive with the lumberpuncher. The thing is, the neurologist who diagnosed me wasn’t sure which type I had! He said because of my age (30) I should have relapsing remitting, however, he thought I was taking a more “progressive path” so he refered me to a MS specialist at a different hospital. I’ve had no treatment apart from Baclofen! I’m still off work, (since Febuary!) which is killing me, and I know I’m getting worse. I’m starting to panic that because I haven’t had any medication, the problems I have will become permanent. I’ve told my MS nurse that I’m getting more problems, but nothing seems to be happening. I haven’t seen my GP as you can’t get an appointment for love nor money. Anyone know what I should be doing? Or am I panicking for no reason?

Hi nadine - not sure if anyone’s answered your post and this is a duplicate or not so wanted to check


Hi thank you so much for your reply, but this was a dupliacte. Sorry about that