Anyone from South East - Dr Delamont?

Morning everyone, I know this is a long shot, I just wondered if anyone had seen or heard of Dr Delamont. He has a clinic at Darent Valley Hospital (where I am going) and also works at Kings College in London. I feel pretty nervous and I’ve got 8 weeks to go yet, what am I like!! Thanks Sam x

Hi Sam,

I’ve just googled Dr Delamont and Darent Valley Hospital and it appears they hold several specialist clinics there as well as at Kings College. They also have specialist nurses too - which is a bonus because they’re few & far between. Dr Delamont is the lead specialist.

Don’t know if that helps or not?

It’s natural to feel nervous - the unknown has a tendency to make us feel like that 8 weeks seems a long way off now but going by the rate the year is going, it’ll soon be here.

Use the time to make some brief but concise notes about your symptoms etc and try to remember to take them with you ( I have a habit of forgetting them!!).

Good luck - let us know how you get on

Debbie xx

Thank you Debbie x