I just read the post on HSTC and it sounds awesome,I can’t believe I’ve only just heard about this. Oh…and did I mention I can’t sleep heehaw!!

sleep - what’s that?

is that what my husband is doing when he’s making snuffling and farting sounds?

i tried it myself but it’s boring so i came downstairs and now i’m watching gogglebox.

HSTC just might be the nearest thing to a cure, but i can’t afford it.

i blew £7000 on CCSVI which worked a treat for a while but it didn’t last.

anyway happy new year!

carole x

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i cant sleep much,if i do i wake up around annoying.

J x


Not quite sure what this thing called sleep is?



Hi pps,guess who’s just woke up? LOL!! Me and my big wide awake posts! I usually can’t sleep though"honest" ha ha…what is CCSVI Carole? I haven’t heard of that one either. It seems that there are loads I have never heard about. Terry x x


ccsvi is cerobrospinal venous insufficiency

it was discovered/pioneered by dr zamboni

the procedure involves an angioplasty through the groin to ensure the blood flow is flowing.

it felt like a miracle at the time. i was no longer leaning to one side and my walking was FAST!!

i had 3 good months before it started to tail off.

i don’t regret blowing the £7000 because if i had never tried it i would always have wondered what if.

carole x

I’m unsure whether your two points are related - i.e. do you mean you can’t sleep because of excitement over HSCT, or just generally?

If you mean the former - no, not losing sleep over that, as I’m sure I won’t be considering it in the near future. I expect it to be quite some time before it falls into a risk bracket I’d regard as acceptable - IF it ever does.

My risk tolerance is low, and my MS not so severe, so the case for me personally is weak. I’m watching with interest, but not losing sleep with excitement.

If you mean just generally, I usually go to bed heavily doped-up (legally, on prescription), so am out like a light. But nothing quite lasts the whole night, so come 5 a.m, I’m usually up with cramp, or needing a wee, or both. I’m not sure if the two are connected - i.e. I haven’t quite ruled out that bladder discomfort might trigger the cramps - although they are in my legs and feet, nowhere near my bladder - LoL.

I just don’t quite know if one kind of discomfort can excite the nerves that lead to another kind. It’s suspicious that the cramps and bladder discomfort usually come on at about the same time, but it could be coincidence.


Hmmmm Ty Carole you learn something new every day eh? Lol Tina…i ment I have probs sleeping in general. The HSCT thing is good news also…right girls??? I am just new to MS so still a bit stary eyed with things like that. I get my 2nd dose of Tysabri on Tuesday so hoping I get a wee lift from that. It would be nice to get back to something resembling “normal” Terry