Anyone else had this feeling?

Over the last two days I have had the most horrendous 'sharp/stabbing pain radiating downwards from my right ear. It hurts more if I move my head to the left, as if something is ‘pulling’ and if I press on the area at he back of my ear it is excruciatingly painful. But on the plus side, I’ve been less dizzy since this pain started. Anyone else had/ get this?

I had this, and a kind of fizzing? In my ears, when I started on Gabapentin, earache (I know earache doesn’t describe it well enough) is on the list of side effects. Are you on it? On the other hand it could be labrythitis, but that normally makes dizziness much worse. Hope it goes soon x

I was getting really needle like sharp pains starting at the back of my throat down the inside of my neck. I was getting sharp stabbling pains up to my ear which started in the middle of my chest and travelled up the side of my neck. I get no pulling though but lots of dizziness which makes me stagger and sway.