Any1 believe in blood flow invoved in Ms?

Hi all, just thought i would find out if any1 else think like me that blood flow espcially in the brain has something to do with ms. I am going to  see my doctor later and thought i would bring this up but wanted other peoples thoughts so could use them to back up my arguement. Thanks

Involved sorry for spelling

CCSVI is all about blood flow. i had the procedure which involves a balloon inserted in the vein to expand it and get the blood flowing. i felt fantastic for the first 6 months but unfortunately i'm back to square one now.

it's an expensive procedure (£7000 in edinburgh)

Ok thanks  think i heard about ccsvi i have been researching the brain and bloow flow. Do you know if you have a decrase in docosahexaenoic acid e.g. omega 3 acid in other words?

Hughes Syndrome or 'sticky blood' must affect the flow;



l believe that blood flow is a major factor. l had a doppler-sound done on my jugulars-2yrs ago - and l have very stricted blood flow in the right side. The flow is cut off when l am looking forward and to the right.

l have started taking a low dose aspirin 75mg daily to help thin the blood. l am hoping more research is done about this problem - and l have loads of admiration for those who have gone ahead and had the liberation  treatment as this has kept the 'theory' going.  At the moment - it seems that the treatment does work - but not for long. So is it the answer to CCSVI-more research into the type of 'balloons/stents' is needed and the tecnique of ultra-sound that is used - as this is where some lnterventional Radiologists differ in their results.  People who have undergone the Liberation Treatment for CCSVI-are told to continue taking blood thinners.

So l am keeping an open mind - and l am still hopeful.


Ok thank you every1 for reply dont know why it kept putting my down as an anonoymous so sorry about that. Dont you worry i will stress to my doctor today about blood flow and carry on looking into this. I am not a doctor or medical experience but once i am onto something i stick on it like a dog and wont take no for an answer if you wish i can let you know what doctor says. Thanks

When l showed all the info l had on CCSVI to my GP - she took it really seriously - and refered me to Dr Paul Crowe for the doppler test. But Dr Crowe has his hands tied and is not allowed to take it further - he did treat quite a few in the begining and it cost nothing like the price people are paying in Glasgow and Poland etc. My doppler ultra-sound was done privately and cost me £126.

Too many people rubbing their hands together thinking they are onto a fortune - which is why l am hoping the nhs will agree to start testing and treating.

The anomaly is - if you did not have an MS diagnosis and your GP thought you had blood-flow problem - you would be tested and treated - BUT-if you have MS - it stops there.

l am also very interested in the B12 deficiency in MS - and maybe there is a link between the two.


Totally agree with carole58. Had it done in Bruges, but back to square 1 now.

Sorry to hear it steve and carole but could be onto something with the procedure. Balloons can pop and deflate over time so this procedure could be enhanced in the future to make it last longer. I know it hard but lets all try push this forward or something you believe in. Power in numbers?


The problem with CCSVI returning after it has been ‘fixed’ is well publicised however that does not mean it is any less a valuable treatment to have done any more than drug treatments that need to be repeated year in year out to benefit from them.


The shame is that it took a doctor with a wife sick with MS to read existing medical literature dating back over 100 years to discover what is already known. Who knows if proper research had had been done maybe 50 years ago a permanent way to resolve the problem may have been worked out.


Yes, I think so. There seems to be some connection but what it is nobody knows yet. I had a consultation and doppler scan in Edinburgh but the cost didn't justify the unproven treatment.

Into the mix comes metal content in the bloodstream and the theory that Amalgam dental fillings leach mercury through into the bloodstream. Mercury! Mercury!! In our blood!! It's one of the deadliest chemicals known to mankind. So I had my silver dental fillings removed and replaced with white ones. Hey presto - some improvements however small were suddenly obvious and are still that way after about nine months.

I think there is something in all this. The dentists and doctors will play it down of course.

See if you can find a dentist with Amalgam fillings. I doubt it.