Anxiety & cognitive issues

Hi everyone. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope. I have had rrms for many years. My cognitive issues have been apparent for a couple of years now & as I keep making mistakes & forgetting things it’s causing severe anxiety. I feel judged by my boss at work which makes me worry and upset. I suppose I just need to vent really…:frowning:

Hi Chrissygreg,
I could have written this comment!

First of all, big hugs.

Secondly, are you really making a lot of mistakes or does it just feel like it? I mean, I understand that his MonSter might make us feel like we make more mistakes, but do you really?

I live my life by making and keeping lists and a diary and i am truely lost without them. Do you do this? I find making lists and keeping a diary on my phone really helps because i normally kmow where my phone is, or at least it’s easy to find (call it!).

Does your boss know about your MS? If they don’t I think making them aware might be a good first step.

Sending supportive hugs,
RoaryL, :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for reaching out :blush: yes my manager knows about the ms. I agree with the idea of making lists etc, I have to make the effort to start doing that. Someone also suggested apps and brain teasers to get the brain working. It’s so frustrating when you just feel useless when you can’t work simple things out of you forget everything:(
Thanks again and continue to be strong x

I really feel for you. It’s all made worse now for me by being a lady of a certain age, but I’m afraid that just amplifies deficits that had been there for years, since quite early in my decades of RRMS. It was a relief to me when work retired me early - not a moment too soon. If you do in due course find you’re running out of road at work (and I hope you don’t), it won’t be your fault. None of this is our fault.

Hi Chrissygreg

Agree with what the others have said, and would add - what level of Vitamin D3 are you on right now? Especially coming through/out of winter, our VitD levels are seriously low and that can have an affect on cognitive issues.

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Hi Chrissy, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling anxious - my best advice would be to not be too hard on yourself, nobody is perfect and you are trying your best!

Sending Hugs,


Thank you fellow MSers, it really helps talking to people who really get it. Xx