Anoxen Pen


I have been on Anoxex Pen for about 6 months now, and the side affects are really starting to do my head in. I inject on saturday night, by sunday the side affects are starting, feeling weak, ache and pains, dont really want to do anything, by monday mid morning the side affect are in by full force, Iam struggling to stand it feels like Ive got 20 stone on me,And my legs just cant cope, And trying to work at the same time,

I have been thinking for sometime now about comeing just off it.

Anyone with any throughts or advice about this,



Sorry Tony do you mean Avonex? I don’t think you are supposed to feel that way after 6 months. Have you informed your Neurologist or MS nurse. I only felt bad on Betaferon for a few days and had definitely settled to it after a few months.




Sorry I did mean Avonex. I was on betaferon injection, but I just got big bruise with that one, Got on well with that no side effects after 3 to 4 weeks, But this one.

I have left a message with the ms nurse`s so hopefully they will get back to me tomorrow or the next day.


Hi Harmony

First time for me two, Been looking on it for a while, its just today legs were really struggling.