Ive just re read your posts and because tightness and spasms are your problem I wonder if Baclofen might help more.


Hi Anne=marie

My experience of amitryptiline, well ive had back pains related or not related to my ms for years now used to take diclofenac for them plus tried anti inflammatory tablets the lot, but then the doc told me to try amitryptiline it would help me sleep plus it would help with the back pain and I have to say they have helped, so yes I would give them a try 1x 10mg tablet before you go to bed and that should help with the nerve pain, basically it takes the edge of the pains plus it helps you sleep, thus you wake up in the morning refreshed.

I think any more than 10mg eg the 25mg can make you zombified the next day which aint a nice feeling.

If you need to chat, get in touch.



Thanks to everyone for their replies.

Pip, I did mention Baclofen to the ms nurse but she just brushed over it and didn’t follow it up, I wonder if it is expensive and they don’t like to prescribe it ??

I’ve started to take the amitriptyline 10mg for 1st 3 nights, now on 20mg for the third time, so far the tightness and pain has dulled slightly during the day though I’m still getting that buzzing/pins needles feeling. I can’t say that I’ve been particularly tired from these pills even though I now tend to wake during the night in a bit of pain where I never had any trouble sleeping before. It seems to be going a bit back to front for me !!

I’m seeing my neuro Friday and I’ve decided to start on Copaxone as my dmd so hopefully he can get that sorted for me.



This is my first time writing on here but i have read what people say and i have found it realy helpful i have been diagnosed since Sept 10 i have been taking 3600mlg of gabepentin but have found they hav,nt been much good for me and like ann-marie i have put weight on with them so when i went to the hospital they gave me Amitriptyline to take but i was unsure because of the side affects but am going to start taking them at the wkend when am not at work. I woundered if you can have a drink while taking them as i like to chill out with the odd glass of wine after a hard week at work and was unsure of the affects if i do.

thanks jo.


I think that the leaflet advises not to drink with this drug, suppose it’s to do with the feeling drowsy side effects and drinking may make you even more drowsy?? I don’t really drink so can’t confirm what actually happens.

I normally take 20mg each evening between 6.30pm & 7.30pm and I don’t feel too drowsy the next morning ( mind you as I sit here typing at 9.40pm I’ve just realised I’ve forgotten to take them !!! I’ll do it now but suspect that I’ll feel it tomorrow am!! )

I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects at the moment but it’s probably early days.



I drink with them…amongst other meds, but wouldnt if I hadn’t had much to eat as thats not good news!!!

I started copaxone the end of May and have no real problems with it. The process is easy and then just lumps and bumps,which I knew would happen and was my preferred side effect over headaches and flu.

Have a good day.


I didn’t drink when I first started taking it, until I got used to it. Then I had a few drinks, to test the water! Then I just drank normally, a few glasses of wine a couple of nights a week and I’ve been fine. I usually drink in the evening, then take my medicine when I go to bed anyway so no drowsy effect in the daytime.


my neuro has prescribed 80mg saying they can up it if needed?? Does this seem ok?? X x

That’s quite a lot to start on bear are you sure ? That’s closer to a therapeutic anti depressant dose … I take between 10-30 mg dependant on symptoms … just be aware it will make you quite dopey … even after many years if I take it too late in evening I struggle with a fuzzy head next day …

I take 10mg and it knocks me out flat!

taken 20mg a couple of times when really bad, never tried taking more…

But others have different reactions or need it for different reasons (I use it to sleep and calm down spasms)