I remember when they voted Ronald Reagan in and thinking that they had lost the plot. They had just elected an old guy who dyed his hair and had spent two thirds of his life sitting on a horse pretending to be someone else. Now they have taken it a bit further. They have elected an even older guy who is orange, carries a birds nest around on his head and whose only hobby is sitting in front of a mirror worshiping himself. Oh, and in his spare time, says that he would date Ivanka if she wasn’t his own daughter. Given that he is an isolationist he should deport all immigrants or descendants of immigrants which should be good news for the indigenous Indian population but would leave Ireland and Italy bursting at the seams.


I couldn’t agree more with your assessment and would only add that there is a special place in Hell waiting for George Bush.

Political parties have always bent the truth to suit their own agenda, but now it seems perfectly ok to tell outright lies and get away with it unchallenged. Both sides did this during the EU Referendum and the odious Trump has taken it to a new level.

The fact he was filmed ridiculing a disabled person on TV tells you all you need to know about this deeply unpleasant man.

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And let’s not mention returning immigrants to Britain. Do we really want all those descendants of the Pilgrim Fathers (and Mothers presumably, but best not to mention them as they probably won’t count) back? But then if the Brexiteers had their way, they wouldn’t want to accept the Pilgrims back from the States as there are already too many immigrants in Britain. Apparently 'we’re full"!


That’s an insult to birds nests, they are constructed way better than that thing.

Mags xx

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now the trump supporters are calling it brexit!

as if i wasn’t ashamed enough of brexit already.

carole x

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I have heard at least one person say that “at least now we’re not the stupidest nation in the world”, obviously I’m making no comment what they could be referring to because we don’t get political on here!!!

Two TV shows have turned out to be prescient. ‘The Simpsons’ has featured a running gag about Donald Trump becoming President of the USA, so one newspaper had a scene from one of those episodes with Homer saying ‘D’oh!’. Then there was the Doctor Who episode where the Statue of Liberty turned out to be a Weeping Angel. The Daily Mirror’s front page had a picture of the Statue of Liberty covering her face like a Weeping Angel and the caption ‘What have they done?’ A very good question, and one I’m not looking forward to finding out the answer to.

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did you see the last leg?

they got a lot of mileage out of it!

So who voted him then aliens? The people in America voted him in, even with all the above they still voted him in. Why?

Are we to assume that there are a lot of hidden bigoted, sexist, racist people in USA?

This reminds me of Brexit. I voted out it was the voice of the people, and yet still we have waves of discontent yet well the world hasnt imploded…

I cant stand the man personally but lets face it, his running mate was just as bad, and would have probably just been Clintons puppet, I am talking about the male species of Clinton lol.

Trump is a great communicator like others before him, and depressed people will believe anything, and follow anyone who promises them the land of milk and honey.

He promised them plenty, building walls, chucking out immigrants etc, and yet they still voted for him.