Thoughts on Amantadine, due to start it on Monday hopefully to combat my fatigue.

thanks in advance

Hi, I have been on Amantadine for a long time I do find it helps, but it not a total cure for for Fatigue. I did stop for a few weeks thinking it wasn’t doing any good. But soon realised it was helping and started again. Good Luck JD

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My cousin who also has MS swears by Amantadine, I tried it briefly but it did nothing, but it was very briefly, in fact I’m considering giving it another go but will speak with my MS team first as I’m on the MS STAT2 trial so dont want to mix things up.

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It does work (for most people). I used it for 2 or 3 years, but eventually it just stopped working.

Stick to fatigue management habits as well as taking Amantadine and you should find your fatigue lessens.


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Thank you, Somedays its like a brick just comes down, almost instantly and wipes me out, struggle to make sense, stagger about etc. I am trailing it for a month. I suspect I won’t notice much difference until I return to work after the school hoikdays. Whilst I am off I am able to sneak in an afternoon nap! I also need to learn to pace myself a bit more!

My fatigue is without doubt worse on muggy warm/hot days, even though I dont actually feel hot in myself, if that makes sense ?

Yes I agree, last week wasn’t a great week as well as the fatigue, the aches and pains seemed to be 10 times worse.

We purchased 2 of those Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying fans, one for upstairs in the bedroom and the other for the living room.

I highly recommend them, far better than a conventional rotary fan, quieter, purifies the air, can be programmed to do all sorts of things.

You can even set it from your phone, ready for when you come home or have it come on automatically throughout the day and night.

It monitors the air in standby mode and then switches itself on/off to keep the air purified and cool.

The air out put feels different to a normal fan, fresher and more ambient, not a direct flow like a normal fan.

I was a bit doubtful because they are expensive, but after some long thought and deciding to get one, we were so impressed that we decided to buy a 2nd one a week later.

We never splash out on ourselves so we thought why not !

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