Am I in the "recurring" TM club or the newly diagnosed MS club ? Awaiting diagnosis

Second attack of Transverse Myelitis?
First time was 2015. 3 lessons were found 1 lumber, 2 thoracic.
Was told by consultant TM is a “monophasic” disease - great I thought, so it’s ca one-off I won’t have to go through that again.
And yet here I am again. Urgent admission to hospital , sensory loss to temperature and pain all down left side from neck. Started as tingling in left hand. MRI has revealed longitudinal inflammation starting from medulla at base of brain and traveling down to C5.
I am now at home after 5 days on IV steroids. They have put me on 30mg prednisolone daily for next 4 weeks. Hopefully by then all tests are in and they have decided was this really 2nd attack TM? Or start of MS. They have also mentioned NMO although my eyesight by is fine so it hink they cc will rule that out
I do not cope well with uncertainty, Not looking forward to twiddling my thumbs for 4 weeks waiting for results of some obscure blood tests and additional tests on CSF fluid taken during my LP.
Hey ho -

Hi I am so sorry that you are having to wait for answers.
In 2012 I was diagnosed with TM and the hospital discharged me saying that I would make a full recovery within two years.
Sadly pins and needles, numbness, vertigo etc remained and in 2015 I developed foot drop.
In 2016 I was diagnosed with single attack progressive MS and I was told to forget about the original diagnosis of TM. Lesions are in my spine.
It is sometimes so difficult for an accurate diagnosis to be made.
I do hope you recover quickly.

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Thank you