Advice to either go see neurologist or not please

I have spent the last three months trying to arrange to see different specialist. As well as having MS , I also have endometriosis, throat issues , bloating etc. So have been trying to get some answers and deal with the stuff that I can’t stop i.e. MS progression, and hopefully alleviate the stuff that can be fixed so to help with my MS symptoms’.

I eventually got an appointment with a neurologist I had been advised to go and see a particular lady as her experience with MS was well known. However when i got the letter it was for a different lady, went to see her to be told MS wasn’t her speciality and I should have seen the first lady as especially since the first set of medication for MS made things worse. During this time I also asked for an appointment with the MS Nurse, it was not the most successful meeting due to me not sleeping very well, she asked if I had spoken to a councillor, I told her it was due to lack of sleep, and if been truthful the amount of mucking about I had received from the NHS do they not say sorry when they much up appointments or leave you sitting waiting well beyond your appointment time.

Anyway I called the complaints department of the hospital involved. Had to call again on Monday and I said if I don’t hear from you by 2/12/11 I will be logging a formal complaint. The woman duly called today to say she has an appointment, now when I saw the MS nurse she said I can deal with everything and you do not need to see a neurologist, but wasn’t too happy with her client care so now in a Dilemma, any thoughts ,