Advice on Retiring through Ill Health

Hiya…I too am at a similar point in life.

I have been off for 6months,work had made lots of adjustments and OH yesterday said they would be proposing retirement.I put a thread on newly diagnosed bit this morning asking what to do, as it appears to still be a drawn out process once retirement is agreed, as it then has to be looked at by other medics at the pension place to work out what tier of pension I will recieve…my question was do I fill in the benefits limited capability to work questionnaire while Im waiting?

The not working for you like me would probably help you to manage symptoms but if it then creates a limboland finance wise it is almost like being in pre diagnosis again so the stress is hell.

Like Tina I have yet to start treatment so if the pension people wait to see what evolves over the coming months the stressing over paying the mortgage is not going to be pleasant.

Make sure if you can that timescales are in place so that you can budget for any drops in money during the sorting out process…this of course may not be an issue,so ignore me etc its just I didnt realise how much more had to be done after giving in and agreeing to go the retirement route before you knew what would be coming in each month.

I wish you well whatever you decide.


I think that’s right. Terminating the employment contract on the ground of ill-health is technically something the employer does to you rather than something you have any choice about one way or the other! In practice, it is often more like a mutual decision made in a civilized way, but just because it looks like a collaborative matter does not mean that it is one.



The money thing is a huge issue, we rely on tax credits and my wages to feed the family, buy oil, pay for electric and asny other sundry out goings like car maintenance, insurance, tax etc (we have to run 2 cars as we live in the middle of nowhere). My OH’s income covers the mortgage (small) maintenace for his daughter from first marriage (he pays way over the odds to ensure continued contact, £200 a month and he only brings in about £1000), council tax, water, and petrol to get too and from work, plus debts accrued when he was out of work (over a year). But I think i might as well have a small income than none at all. Now just to pluck up the courage and tell everyone thats what I’ve decided (including the OH)

There are some savings that come from not working. No travelling to/from work costs. No NI to pay. No pension contributions to pay. No smart clothes/other clothing necessary for the job to buy/maintain. No over-the-odds money wasted on Costa and bought food and snacks during the working day. More time and energy left to cook from scratch at home, so fewer take-aways and ready-meals. Etc. It all mounts up. And a happier and more relaxed person who is able to enjoy family life properly again, which is the really important thing.

Good luck with breaking the news.



Hi do folk know if you have to have been off work for 6 months prior to being offered I’ll health retirement?

also has anyone been turned down for retirement and been made to do another post under redeployment that they didn’t want to do or couldn’t do?

if so what then

im currently signed off but concerned about the uncertainty

thanks Les