Advice for a partner.

Good afternoon everyone. I’ve just joined the forum and would be grateful for some guidance. My wife has PPMS and I am seeing a gradual progression of her condition as expected. I try to encourage her to talk about her symptoms and she’s getting better at doing it. Just recently (although I only found out yesterday) she has had an increasing number of dizzy episodes and is clearly worried. Can anyone let me know if this is something that is common with her specific MS? She’s going to try to get an appointment with her neurologist to discuss it but any comments or advice would be great. Thanks.

Could be MS. Could be unrelated. Worth running it past her MS Team and if you get vagueness from them, contact your GP and invite them to talk with your MS Consultant. Ideally in that order because you suspect it is MS-related.

Dizziness can be caused by a number of things. As suggested with any new reoccurring symptom run it past the ms team.

You could as you say that your wife is worried ring the doctor. The doctor or nurse practitioner could run some simple tests, to rule out other causes.