Acupuncture so good for bladder problems

Was having accidents bout 4 times as dy,NHS physio carried out acupuncture specifically for bladder, fab treatment, still some urgency but making loo.

I started having acupuncture for my hormones/menopause which was affecting my ms. Not only is it helping with the hormonal problems but also with ms symptons that I have. I couldnt recommend it enough only wished that I had tried it years ago!

thanks for this post.

i’ve been meaning to try acupuncture so i definitely will now.

carole x

Hi, glad to hear the acupuncture is working, but can I ask…where exactly did he place the needles?


Hi, my physio is going to try it for the first time at my next appointment next week but for spasms in the legs. Was really pleased when I read the above posts as I also do ISC but still have frequency at the time of the month and had was not even aware that acupuncture could help. Will definitely discuss with my physio. Thanks. Linda x

Can you get acupuncture from nhs physios? Would it work for hesitancy rather than urgency? Sounds great it’s helping. X