backache from neck to waist and radiating - legs and arms aching - legs burning - feel crap.

Not on any tablets - any suggestions - is this part of a relapse or is it likely ot be permanent.

Not a happy chapppy! Thanks.

Well it does sound like it could be a relapse. Or flu even?

Assuming you are RR, then it’s not likely to be permanent. You should get some remission, even if it’s incomplete.

Do you have an aversion to drugs? Steroids?

If you don’t want to take steroids but wanted a short low dose course of something like amitriptyline, that might help your burning legs and also help you to sleep well. Just don’t take them in the daytime or after about 8pm. Then you shouldn’t have any side effects.

Otherwise, don’t overstress yourself about it. Make sure you rest well.


Hi, That just how I was most of the night last night, but I change from day to day so for me its not a relapse, I was doing taichi and yoga at 2.30 this morning, I find keeping moveing helps but at night its worse,the only thing that helps me is cannabis in a vaporizer it takes the pain away in seconds.

Have you tryed sativex spray? I live in France and its really hard to get.

I have just had to stop, aching today in the back area, hips and lower leg ouchy ouch. However, accompanied with it, a very good healthy feeling day which is most unusual so I have gardened, went to the shop, read, sat in the garden now have to stop completely and take some big pills. I have days like this, sometimes the ache wakes me up, but it doesn’t seem to be a relapse or anything like that, just one of the many things that goes on.

Also, mine hurts more this time of year as the air is changing ready for Autumn.

Thanks - things eased as the day went on. I sleep well although sometimes wake up with the aches in the middle of the night - then things ease and I go back to sleep. Things always worse in the morning. never been offered steroids - may contact m.s. nurse I the morning.