Accommodation in Suffolk

Hello I hope it is ok to post this here. I am clerk for an alms-house charity in Suffolk - Guildhall Feoffment Trust Charity 211060.
We have refurbished a 1 bed first floor almshouse for a wheel chair user and we are struggling to find suitable applicants.
As an almshouse charity we don’t charge rent but a weekly maintenance contribution is payable (which is effectively a subsidised rent). If anyone is aware of anyone looking for this type of accommodation in Suffolk please put them in touch with me. In line with the terms of the charity applicants should be over 60 years of age and of limited means.
Thank you in advance,

Hi, what a kind offer. How is the wheelchair user going to access the 1st floor?

Sorry I’m such a twit! I meant ground floor. It is on the ground floor with a small ramp over the threshold. I’m going to try and upload some images. The floor coverings have been ordered.

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