Aaarrrrgggghhhh !! Weirdness !!

Hi all All of my symptoms are rightsided but for the second time in recent months, I have woken up this morning with a weird little finger on my LEFT hand !! It’s burning hot but at the same time numb !! It’s driving me absolutely nuts !! Xx

Not that it helps a great deal with the frustration, ice packs can help burning. Hopefully it’s just a blip and doesn’t last long. Karen x

Ok, so I hadn’t really noticed anything other than this intense burning in my little finger, but have just had a bath and realised that the complete lack of temperature sensation in my right side seems to have transmuted to my left foot and leg. Wow !! It’s coming out in sympathy !! How very weird !! It was a complete waste of half an hour which was supposed to be relaxing…how can you possibly relax in a bath of ostensibly, cold water !! Aaaarrrrggghhh…and breathe. Where’s the chocolate !!! Xx

Is that the generally accepted answer? To reach for the chocolate? It seems to me that chocolate seems to have some sort of magical properties on this forum. Does it work? Do I send the hubby out to get some? How long will it take for the chocolate to take effect and do I need to consume it on a regular basis in order to get the full benefit? Please let me know as i sure don’t want to be missing out on any vital therapy! Yours in anticipation, Angela :wink:

Hi Angela Absolutely yes, to all the above. I have it on good authority (the other voice in my head), that chocolate is of paramount importance in maintaining physical and mental health. To be particularly effective, it has to be consumed on a regular basis and in reasonable quantities. It seems to work best for me if it belongs to that mystical healthcare group, called, Cadburys. Oh and yes, it works very quickly. Sometimes whilst it’s still melting in my mouth. Please engage in this therapy as soon as possible. And tell hubby, it’s essential health management. Catherine xx

Thank you for the clarification Catherine. To that effect, i have now consumed my 6yr old daughters last Malteaser Bunny and i shall ensure that my husband keeps a plentiful supply. Please extend my thanks to the voice in your head also. Angela

Is it the new DMD then Catherine? I have a massive urge to go and get some chocolate biscuits now. I should imagine they’ll definitely cure me when I dunk them in a hot mug of tea. It’s worth a go at least, I think. At the very least, It will put a smile on my face and a lot of choocolate. :slight_smile:

At the very least, that’s what we all deserve for a moment, every day…a self indulgent moment and a smile. Xx

I have mild whiplash after a little accibump on the M25 this morning and can confirm that a bad of dairy milk has definitely eased the pain! :slight_smile:


Oops…what happened…are you ok ? Xx

Yes , well it definitely did the trick for me too. I still have the chocolate ring round my mouth to prove it. :slight_smile: x

Stop start traffic at rush hour, I stopped but the van behind me didn’t! I’m fine thank you, just a bit sore. First accident and I’ve done over 100k in the last three years so can’t really complain! Painkillers and chocolate is the way forward!

Haha…that angelic, welsh charmer with chocolate around his mouth…now that I’d pay good money to see !! Hope you ok in the morning, Traitsy. Keep the painkillers to hand though coz whiplash is usually worse the next day. Treat yourself to a duvet day. Xx

I’ve cancelled my various appointments but do need to get the car to the garage for a check up. The rest of the day will definitely consist of TV, tea biscuits and some quality time with my four legged friend :slight_smile:

and chocolate Traitsy - don’t forget the chocolate.

Seriously though, take it really easy for next few days. Lots of heat pads (if you are able to take heat) and Anti inflamatories. Big hugs xxx

Thank you peeps I knew chocolate had magic properties. other half to be dispatched to shop immediately…1week following diagnosis and I add chocolate demands to holiday requirements to assist with vit d levels :wink:

Aah! After a lifelong (so far 45 years!) love of chocolate my body is yet again letting me down and I can no longer eat it - just the thought of it (and smell) makes me queasy! I now crave (amongst others) spicey things (pickled onions - why? My husband threatens to divorce me if I eat them near him!), brown sauce, oranges! I have no idea why - I am certainly not pregnant - had a hysterectomy 15 years ago - could be due to kidney probs. One good thing though its helping with the weight loss! Very annoying though as sitting down with a box if Thorntons used to be a favourite pass time! Enjoy everybody xx

Thanks Angela, feeling no worse today :slight_smile: I rubbed some magnesium spray into my neck and shoulder last night, I have no idea whether it actually made a difference but I’m telling myself that it did! Lilbill, I’m thinking pickled onions set in brown sauce disguised in a Thorntons box could be the way forward for you :slight_smile: WelshBoy, I hope you washes your face before bed :-p