A question about RRMS

Hello I have a question about RRMS. I understand that symptoms of MS are caused by lesions in the brain/spinal cord which are visible on an MRI scan. In RRMS, are the lesions only visible during a relapse ie. when someone is experiencing symptoms, or will they be present all the time including when in remission? Thanks peacelily

i think they are visible all the time.

i was in the middle of a big relapse when i had my first mri.

i was diagnosed on just that one mri so i suppose i must have old and new lesions.

looking back i had lots of strange medical stuff from my early teens.

Yep i am 99.9% certain lesions will remain visible on Mri.

Present all the time. Depending on the severity of a relapse, new 1s may appear, but the old 1s don’t disappear.

that solves the mystery of me being diagnosed after just one mri!

thanks O173 and tracey DC xx

& me Carole, actually the whole thing only took em 4 days to dx, I didn’t catch my breath!! xx


late starters but we catch up and overtake!

i’m glad i’d turned 50 when i was diagnosed.

it would have been awful if i’d missed the mad years.

having said that i still have mad days.

Imagine the lesions are scars. Always there.

scar face (al capone) we are scar brains!

Thanks all! Helpful to know the answer