A huge thank you to Jane (Wendels)

Thanks for the advice, Jane. I had been overpaid despite letting them know about the pension. I wrote the letter you advised me to and much to my relief ( especially given the profession I was in and MrH still is !!) , they have accepted that they are in the wrong. They also have a record of the phone call I made to them, two weeks before my pension started, informing them of such. They have written the overpayment off and put it down to “official error”. Thank you so very much for helping. Catherine Xx

Oh how I love to find out that someone has got justice from DWP.

Thank you for making my evening

Exactly the same happened to me. I’d notified them by phone and letter that I was in receipt of my pension - but they did nothing, Eventually they admitted they’d made a mistake and my over payment of about £700 was written off.

Does make you wonder how much would be saved if they got things right in the first place!

Sarah x

lol me too.they were paying my IB double,i rang them and they said thank you for being honest and its our mistake so,you can keep the overpayment,which came to just over £700.

i couldnt believe,that they didnt want it back though.