A few questions


I have a few questions to ask. I am not on any DMDs at the moment. I did try Rebif at the beginning of the year but it made me incredibly depressed.

I feel that I have three options. To go on Copaxone. To wait until the beginning of next year and try BG-12. It is going to be licensed soon and will be available at the beginning of next year or go on to a trial that I am interested in but that won’t start until next year either.

I went to see my neurologist and he wants me to try Copaxone. He hasn’t given me any other options. I am just coming out of a relapse and I am no longer 100%. I have weakness down my left-hand side. I think that I know the answer to my question already.

The other question I have, is does anyone think thgat MS has a link to Coeliac disease. In Coeliac disease the vili in the small intestine are damaged by the immune system. This means that nutrients are not absorbed into the body as easily. I have definitely developed a gluten intolerance over the last couple of years and many of us are deficient in many different vitamins. What are your thoughts?

Is anyone on a gluten free diet? Any advice?

Many thanks,