a book


i have just read a book called “the reason i jump” by naoki higashida who is a 13 year old japanese boy who has autism.

it shows how he is constantly striving to stop upsetting people.

he spoke about how difficult PE was at school because he was being told to move his legs, lift his arms etc

however he didnt have a sense of where his legs were and hadnt a clue how to make them move in a certain way.

it reminded me of how i felt when ms made me lose control of my legs.

the reason i jump is a very uplifting book and the author explores aspects of humanity.

worth a read

carole x

Thanks Carol, will have a look out for that, I use a kindle and download from Amazon.

Pam x

hi pam

i used to work as an area senco for children aged 0 - 7 and we had more children being diagnosed with autism every week.

i bought ‘the curious incident of the dog in the night time’ by mark haddon and i could picture children that i have known doing the exact same things.

it’s now a play and its on at the lowry december - january. a friend saw it in london and says it’s very good.

there are quite a few similarities with ms, especially how people misunderstand it.

have fun with your kindle.

i missed game of thrones when it was on tv and now i’m reading it alongside watching some of the first series on my kindle.

definitely my favourite gadget.

carole x

Thanks Carole. Will def have a look xx