4 day week help required

Hi all,

Due to my hubby who has PPMS getting weaker I have decided to do a 32 hour week over 4 days.

Which in your opinion is the best day to take off. I was thinking Monday because then I guess if it is a Bank holiday Monday it works in your favour.

Knowledge required for this thicko please.



Hi Caz

It really depends on what your work contract says. Maybe seek HR advice.

I say this because my wife & I both have Mondays off and work a four day week.

I work in the public sector and I benefit for getting time back for not working the majority of bank holidays.

My wife is private sector and doesn’t get time back for not working bank holidays.

Also need to consider yours & your husband needs (and probably your employers needs).

Is it better to have wednesdays off so work 2 days then a day off then work 2 days then 2 days off ? Would having flexible days off work for your emploer & you where you can decide week to week or month to month on what day to have off?

Will you qualify for working tax credits ? Would working 28 or 30 hours mean you qualify for working tax credits so you could work less hours for the same income ?

Good luck on whatever you decide.


Hi Neil,

Thank you for posting this.

My hours if I change will be 8:30 to 4:30pm of which and they dont pay for lunch so 7 hours a day x 4 = 28hours pay a week.
This means that I would not be able to apply for working tax credit according to the HMRC website. It states from 30 for myself.

My boss did mention Wednesdays but with my circumstance with hubby not too well with PPMS he is going to be flexible for me.


Caz - I would think that taking Mondays would work against you personally as you would have Mondays off anyway. So if say you had Friday off as your normal day and Monday was a BH that week you would be off work Monday and Friday.

Neils response was interesting, I would think that his wife should be entitled to the same pro-rata time for not working on BH otherwise she suffers a detriment for working part time. Whether she is willing to bring this up with her employers is another matter, but it does not seem quite right to me.