2nd MRI - Strange how I want changes!!

Going for my second MRI today to see if there has been more changes. I find it strange that I kinda want their to be. I just want the docs to say - yes this is what it is and this is what we are going to do!

It's all beginning to sink in and it's terrifying if i'm honest. I've got lesions, bands shown fin my Ceribal spinal fluid, felt hung over for a year, dizzy, tired, legs seem to be getting weaker by the day and I really can't concentrate on anything. 

Just felt like crying most of yesterday - the usual stuff - How am I going to look after my family, keep a roof over our heads and generaly live life. 

Blah Blah Blah sad

Fingers crossed that it goes OK today for you, and that you get those changes that you need for a diagnosis.

If the MRI hasn't changed, please make sure that the neuro knows about your new symptoms anyway - MRI doesn't pick up everything. Symptoms are actually far more important.

We all have days when it all gets too much letdown Somehow or other we muddle through and life carries on. It really will be OK you know. Some changes, yes, but you'll be OK.

Karen x

Thanks Karen.

And thanks for what you do for people on this forum. I notice you try to comment on most posts and it really is a missive support. It certainly is for me.


Take care.


Thanks happy2


Hi Grazo,

I normally read posts but don't make many comments. Good luck for today,

I am in the same position as you and have my 3rd MRI on Monday. I go to the Walton Centre in Liverpool. Don't worry if the second one hasn't shown changes the neuro won't give up until he finds the reason for your symptoms, there are good ones out there!

I know your worried about your family, me too. I think one day at a time is the only way to cope. Let us know how you get on.

Chis x


Good luck, I'm similar, got my second next week too.  Chin up etc etc...... xx

Thanks for all the comments guys...... Now must dash. Need to go and get my head examined!!!! Get it 'Head examined" ha ha ha

ok not very funny I know but small thing amuse me LOL

Thanks again.


All went well yesterday and hopefully get results in two weeks! Fingers crossed anyway.

I think I quite like getting an MRI. I find it strangely relaxing....... Not sure why but I do.

Thanks again for your support happy2

I often doze off in the scanner

Lying down, nothing to look at, sort of a vague massagey feel from the vibrations, mechanical/rhythmical noise,… I’m surprised more people don’t


I hope you get enough change on your scan for some sort of answers. I would feel exactly the same. Let us know when you get the results.

As for MRIs, I get quite emotional in them. I tend to lie thinking about the illness and how its affecting me and my family.