15 years in …how time flies

Hi there. New to this forum - but not new to MS

I was DX’d in 2009 with RRMS. After Copaxone & Tecfidera didn’t stop disease activity, I pushed for & had 2 rounds of Lemtrada.

That’s done well for pausing disease activity- no new lesions in 5 years. I did develop Graves Disease as a side effect which is a pain - but not as much of a pain as MS!

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Hi, I also developed thyroid trouble roughly around the time MS appeared. It was overactive and took some time to regulate on medication. I eventually had radioactive iodine to sort it once and for all and it’s been fine ever since. But it was only ever an inconvenience really, having regular blood tests and adjusting the medication was a nuisance.
Hope yours gets sorted too.

I am so glad that the Lemtrada has stopped your MS in its tracks. It is such a relief when that happens, when one’s disease has been frighteningly active and the less efficacious (and less risky!) drugs have not held the line. I have had the same experience with Tysabri. I so agree that one needs to deal with the biggest threat and deal with any side effects as and when. I am sorry that you have a thyroid issue to manage, though.

Hello @vingilot15
Welcome. I have Graves’ disease now too, it’s common with MSers as just like multiple sclerosis, it’s an autoimmune disorder.
I would say both are absolute pains: I recommend eating brazil nuts as they’re high in selenium; it’s help calm my thyroids and possibly the MS --but not sure.