MRI and Lumbar Puncture

Thank you Andre. I have decided to call the hospital on Monday and change my mind to take the test (after considerable texts and phone calls from family members). I am scared of the test but as you say not one test is enough. Thanks again Linda x

Don’t worry Linda,

There are far, far worst pain than this one, trust me :wink: If I had to choose LP test or tooth ache…LP all the way, any time !!


Hi Linda, well done for deciding to have it done. I had one a few weeks ago and it wasn’t that bad at all. The most annoying thing was having to keep still, because I am a fidget. But I was allowed to listen to music using my earphones whilst the procedure was carried out, to keep me entertained. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask me.

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Mine was one of fastest to be done it doesn’t hate barely felt it and had vep 45 min later, I had 3 anaesthetic injected barely felt it slight sting, and then LP didn’t feel it and it was just sore afterwards like a bruised area the only thing to prevent the headache is drink water it helped me not to get the headache from hell as some say LOL

Good luck x

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I dont believe in feeding fear of MS but i will say this. Unless you had a full SPINAL MRI they cannot dismiss MS.

Sometimes lesions do not show in the head or the neck, and will be found further down. My lesions were found in my spine. My head MRI was clear although they did find high signal foci in deep white matter of brain…the radiologist said it could be demylinating but when he saw my birthdate 1951 decided it was because i was old and past it lol.

It was finally on an MRI I paid for, on a T3 Tesla machine in The Colbalt Diagnositic Imaging clinic in Cheltenham that found those elusive lesions almost side by side.

The thing is with an MRI, they can only pick up lesions in the depth they are working at some of them are below that, and yes lesions are naughty and can move…lol.

So I would go for your LP. Your symptoms could be many things and a LP might help you get that result.

The LP well yeh i was scared to pooing my pants and weeing myself lol for 2 weeks before i had it done, i had worked myself up to such a frenzy (thats what happens when you watch too much HOUSE lol on the telly).

My daughter came with me. I never felt ANYTHING. Nothing nada. The only thing that hurt me was the blood test afterwards and i nearly kicked the guy doing it…butcher comes to mind lol.

I drank my coke and lots of water, went home and slept for a few hours and was fine. Yes my back ached after the numbness wore off but nothing i couldnt cope with.

The results muddied my waters though lol…i had loads of O Bands in CFS, but they found inflammation in my blood which makes it negative for MS, but lucky enough for me, after PAYING for blood tests for Lymes they found i had a co infection of Lymes which muddied the LP waters lol…

So with positive MRI (I PAID FOR), vep TEST, and LP, eventually i was told probably MS and MS is now on my notes but the private doctor told me MS with co infection of Lymes. I have a great neuro i must say he makes me laugh and has always treated me with respect and dignity.

Actually she had all my MRI films and CDS (AS I always paid for them), and she said she saw lesions higher up in one film which had been dismissed by radiologist as a flare…an identified object…

So go for the LP if you want answers you have to go through these things.

If it comes back negative…then i suggest you live your life the best way you can with the problems you have been given, and if it is MS one day it will really present itself…until then, you can adapt to living a good life.

Hope the above helps. xxx


interestingly enough, the doctor who did mine suggested coffee and advised me to get my partner to pick some up on his way to visit me :slight_smile:

I said coke to doctor doing the LP he said no just water keep hydrated, I was having bladder issues at the time we’ll still am so I drank one glass that’s it, he said caffeine isn’t good LOL

Well the day has finally come for my LP I am to have it tomorrow 20th February. Yikes I am very nervous but know I need to get it out of the way. The only reason I am going through with it is so that I can cross the T and dot the i and then we can move on and try and see what is really going on with me. I am really starting to think it is all stress related though and I suspect the results to this will also prove negative.

The leaflet provided states caffeine is good to keep away a headache so I will be buying a caffeine based drink to take with me but it kind of defeats the purpose of lying flat and still as I will need up to go to the loo lol!



It isn’t bad at all. I was worried too! I also had two MRIs but managed to get some sedative pills in advance from the doctor each time and I was absolutely fine.

On reflection, none of the diagnostic tests have been too bad. I found the VEP test a bit tiresome and kept thinking about what I needed to buy from the supermarket!


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I just drank coke and water, was a little sore afterwards like a bruised area, if it at point it slightly hurts tell them it’s likely a nerve moving needle makes it ok and painless again it’s not too bad mine didn’t take too long, nurses were surprised how quick they also made me a cup of tea but didn’t get to drink it due to lying down, good luck xx

All that worry for nothing. The LP went smoothly. For all you people out there about to have one please do not worry it is not painful merely uncomfortable and only until the needle is in place. It feels like pressure being put on your back then the drawing of the fluid takes about 10 minutes and I did not feel this at all.

I am a very lucky girl I did not get the dreaded headache just a dull ache in my back. My doctor did not make me lie down in the hospital, she stated that tests were done with lying down and without and studies showed that the headache came if you were lying down or standing up, it is just one of these things. I did however lie down as soon as I got home and I drank 2 litres of coke just to be one the safe side.

One thing she did mention to me that I didn’t know until that point was that my file stated that I have brisk reflexes, I stated oh that’s good and she looked at me and raised her eyebrows so I googled when I got home!!

I will just have to wait for the results now.



Happy all went well,

I had my results an hour after my LP… when will you get your results ? did they give you a time frame ?

Hi Andre

Your advice about it not being painful is really what encouraged me to go ahead with it, so thank you.

I was told the results will be sent to my doctor in around two weeks, but I am hopeful everything is fine as my MRI was clear, the doctor did however say she was going to request a spine MRI as she was surprised I only had head and neck. I also had bloods taken so I am happy that all avenues are being carried out.



I called my GP for the results as instructed by the hospital but they weren’t in so I called the hospital who advised me that the neuro wants to see me on the 23rd March. Im wondering if this is usual procedure. Would they ask me to the hospital to say they haven’t found anything or maybe it is to discuss getting the spine MRI.

Also I felt great after the lumbar puncture for 10 days then wham I can’t move my back it has seized up its excruciating I can hardly walk but not sure if this is due to a jarred back or the lumbar puncture. Could the lumbar puncture affect me so many days afterwards?



Hello Linda,

Do you have any news since march ?

Hope all is well :slight_smile:

Hello Andre

I am pleased to say that all my scans and lumbar puncture came back negative so I have agreed to go home and put all my symptoms down to stress. They have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s so I am left with nowhere else to go.

This society has been an enormous help and support for me and I appreciate the time and effort that everyone has put in to it with their support and replies.

Take care and I will continue to follow everyone’s comments and wish you all the best.



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I am happy and sad at the same time ! Happy because you don’t have MS and sad because you are left with no answers…sometimes its worst not knowing !

Wishing you all the best