ill health retirement

Hiya - thanks for your updates.

I met with my GP today to let her know she’d be hearing from Occupational Health re: my LA putting me forward for Early Retirement through ill health.

She agreed to support me and noted that she had a handful od MS patients and was always amazed at how long we all insisted on working for.

There was no discussion on me returning to work but I explained my last few weeks had been dreadful due to walking, balance, MS fatigue and my lack of concentration at meetings!.

I do miss “going to work” but like Alun was taking 2 x hours to get ready and at the end was looking like death warmed up when I finally dragged my self in. It is so lovely not having the pressure of having to go in.

Please let me know how you get on with your new drug?

It’s reassuring to know that you guys have gone through the process.

Thanks again.

Sue xx

Yes that is the right way my Occ health doctor very supportive and knew what she was doing xx