Have you got Secondary Progressive MS?

Dr Geoff - thanks for your clarification. It looks like it’s too soon after diagnosis for there to be a significant enough change for it to be SP. But I hope that those who are able to go on the trials find that they are helped by the drugs and are able to gain benefit from the trial procedure. I will look out with interest for posts from those who get on the trial.

I thought there were three drugs (none of which is Fampyra): one is used to treat MND, one heart disease, and one asthma (in Japan). I don’t know whether participants would get any say about which one they were selected for. I think the whole point of this trial is that as these drugs are already licensed for other conditions, they must meet safety standards, so if they showed promise, they could potentially be fast-tracked.

I wouldn’t mind trying the asthma one, as I have that too, so might get some benefit, even if it did nothing for MS!